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Effective tips that can rank your website to the top

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Almost all the products and services are now available online, seems like having an online website has become important like identity. Once a website is built, it’s become important to engage traffic so that more and more numbers of people come across and know about it.

Here I’m going to discuss about few effective marketing tips that may help to engage the viewers and lead to have a better ranking to the website. The search engines, especially Google gives alexa ranking that shows the position of the website. A rank indicator may also help to check the website position such ranking are awarded on the basis of 3 important things namely:

  • Rich content posted in the Blog/Article
  • SEO Friendly content
  • Available links related to the content

Let’s have a look on how a web page rank be scored higher:

Making quality Content


The content quality has great significance in the position of your site page in search engines. So it needs to be classy and alluring. Such things that need to be considered for the content quality are:

  • Innovative content writing skill:

Writing content is not an easy task, it requires to be innovative that makes the content bring original and grab attention of the users through the meaningful sentences.


  • Keep adding latest content that makes your website updated:

Writing content regularly makes the website updated and keeps on improving the rank. Uploading a new content helps in increasing the rank of your web page.


  • Meaningful content along with targeting keywords

Descriptive keywords play an important role in the content it grabs the attention and target the visitors to your site through particular keyword.


  • Optimization of your website

A proper website Optimization is equally important for getting the improved ranking for your website.

Optimized Web page


The content of your web pages should be optimized properly with appropriate keywords and conversational searches. To optimize the website the title of content should have SEO friendly keyword and it must have relevant images.

  • No keywords stuffing

The overuse of the Keywords degrades the site quality. The content must contain accurate keyword with the proper title. The higher quality of content will be more clicks your website will gain and it directly increases the rank of a website.


  • Adding back links to the content

Adding commentary to the content is a great idea to have the back links. The other idea is to add links of other contents so that Google can target the visitors easily and increase the rank of the site.


  • Promotions of your website

To be popular in search engines a large scale promotion is also important, that improves the ranking of a page and help to gain the popularity among the peoples. There are a various methods of making promotion.

  • Adding a sitemap to the website

The sitemap in website describes about the pages in the website and helps Google to check links that makes it easily reachable to the website through the content.

The RSS feed for sharing content


The new readers keep on increasing through the RSS feed. It leads to increase in traffic to the website and also increases the page rank. Content sharing increases the rank of the web page. So, it should be shared at wide scale with the social media platforms like Facebook , Google+ Twitter, LinkedIn and even Picasa or pinterest if it’s a product selling website.

A simple and few easy things that should be considered are mentioned here the all you need to hire the effective marketing professional!!