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Web Site designing has evolved over the years and now development, design and content come with a package. Development, design, and content can no longer work independently; they are jointly designed to create a website with a well written code, an enthralling visual experience, and authentic content that attracts the audience for whom it is intended. A comprehensive web strategy is a mandate in order to create an impact and influential online presence. It applies to all the big and small business that is looking out for more audiences and customers in order to get visibility and name.

In order to create a comprehensive and enriching customer experience these key essentials – design, development and content need to be developed in collaboration to create a masterpiece.


Website development and design


Websites need to be flexible in design as the end users may view them on different screens like laptops, desktop, tablets, and phones. The content must look polished the information be available easily. In order to get the respective response from the audience, the design flexibility plays a major role. The content should be adjusted as per the screen space and in this regard development and design needs to work together closely.

Easy approach:

The homepage must cover all the important information that the user may require. Clicking through multiple pages to reach information, and you lose a customer already. The visual layout and coding must support each other.

Easy access:

The website to be easily accessible to the end user needs collaboration in coding and visual design and also optimizing menus for visually impaired, color contrast for the color blind and integrating font size adjustment are only small steps to the real road of success.

• Website content and development
• Search Engine Optimization

Developers use to trick the search engine in order to make few websites look impressive than they were. However now, the quality content has been optimized for search.

Site and content building

Creating an impressive online presence is not just about creating impressive content one after the other and stuffing with keywords is a bygone thing. Today what is important is the real communication. Content has its importance, writing for the human audience is very crucial, and the seriousness of the discussions is vital to the convincing customers.

Website content and design

Brand visibility

Brands speak for themselves and need no specifications however the appropriate content and the conversational tone set the platform for a lasting relationship with customers and clients.

Connecting the audience

An effective content is one that creates an impact on the end user and entertains and enlightens the audience. Reaching the target audience and creating an impact on great research done on the content is the correct approach.

Hence, the entire process of developing a website needs collaborative action from all departments Vis a Vis development, content, and design in order to get the maximum and to reach the target audience.

PHP Development India, the emerging solution of web development

PHP is the most demanding open source web applications and has become more popular after the development of the most loved social sites “Facebook”. The advanced PHP developers design and support by handling the CMS application development.

php_developer copy

PHP development, India is very demanding and works on the principle of MVC that is very easy to handle. It is a great platform that provides easy developing, maintaining and designing a user friendly site at cheap price. PHP / MYSQL / Oracle / ODBC demand is rising rapidly for designing dynamic as well as ecommerce sites with the basic functionality at low cost with effective performance. It is a script writing made in MYSQL and HTML database which is very fast accessing. The timely update to the website helps in getting large traffic and is an ultimate solution for the dynamic sites.

The easy scripting languages help in managing the pages easily as it is an open source development that is compatible with all the OS such as Linux basic, Windows and UNIX. Ranging from small to complex all the sites can be developed in PHP by the developers. Over 244 million of websites are based on PHP and it helps to render the best solution to the business owners through online site.

With the high demand for the PHP development, India the PHP developers are well acquainted and use the latest features of the customized solution with at least 70% of profit in the business.

Following are the advanced features of PHP that makes it more demanding:

• PHP runs smoothly with the application like Ajax, Flash and Flex with attractive visualized applications.
• The extraordinary graphic illustrations are there in the library of PHP and deliver an unbelievable representation.
• It has a fine flow and so works effectively in all OS with designing in minimum effort. The programming effects are very friendly and effective open source developers. The quick example to it is: requires extra expense for a few modules and holding but in PHP there is no such requirement as it gets done by its owner.
• PHP has got its own memory, and so includes less assembling, cordial research via internet and delivers quick results.

The desire of the website is gaining more and more it’s all because of PHP developers’ expert hand. With the passage of time it became an essential part of the developers and gives them the platform for designing. The new innovations, business prospect lead to a high demand because of the ample ability. It’s an extraordinary platform for PHP. Various web based applications like CMS web projects are cost efficient and is a good choice for the long term maintenance. PHP is also referred as P and this P is also termed for Python or Perl.

It is a language with best database having an extension of the .ini file. PHP runs in MYSQL and PHP so one can by the development services.

With the advanced technology the latest web update gives that PHP is the quality web development.