Fresh content: Why is it important and valued more by Google?

Fresh content: Why is it important and valued more by Google?

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Optimized-fresh content for google

Google gives a high value to the fresh content because it helps the website in getting high rank. As the old contents have already target the audience, so it loses the value.
With the trend of writing now, the blogs and CMS websites have become a favorite point for most of the online business owners. Since the Google keeps an eye on checking the regular update of fresh writing, few websites don’t let their stats get a fall. The quality work and effort make the ranking of the website higher.
If you want to increase the rank of your website always mind that content writing plays a comparatively higher role than SEO. Writing content doesn’t mean anything, it must be completely related to the relevant product or service a website deals in and making a complete target to the potential customer.

Importance of fresh contents

importance of fresh content for google

• The most important is fresh contents, makes a website alive and ignore low Alexa ranking
• It shows how actively the blogs are posted that contains quality content
• The more and more quality content one adds in their website/ blog number of keywords are added that helps in SEO
• Customers visit the blog regularly to follow updates and share also that helps in targeting more users.

How to maintain the quality and post fresh contents in your blog?

– Make research what readers like to read

Make research what readers like to read

Readers are a great source to take help, search what keywords the readers look to search and what are the articles they share? You can also invite for free posts or encourage making guest posts. In return you can give them by line and repost of link facility in various sites.

– Analyze the older posts to get ideas

Analyze the older posts to get ideas

If you are in search of quality writing, then read the competitor’s site and analyze the writing pattern that could help you get high response. The old post could work as an inspiration to create a fresh content in Google.
You could revise the same by dividing it into 2 articles or making it in a brief like point wise.

– Get served by experienced freelance content writers

freelance content writers

Writing content is a technical skill and expert hands can create fresh content. You could either buy the articles online or could hire a freelancer who makes research and helps in promoting websites through content writing service.
A number of secrets are hidden by writing content – helps in ranking through fresh posts, keeps updated on the website regularly, helps in SEO directly and targets audience.

– Avoid copied or faulty contents

avoid plagiarism

Provide content as much as possible but meaningful. The golden rule for quality writing is a plagiarism free content. You should never copy paste the exact lines and same writing style for every blog, it makes the reader bore. Even high identical content does not target the traffic.

– Post related image with the content

Post related image with the content

Sharing images help to attract the readers and make them understand the post in a better way. Even while searching in Google the image search also helps to link to your website if the related image with the content is posted. But, always mind the image you must be specific and relevant to the content.

Regularly update with the fresh content is indirectly a way to express your loyalty to the Google! Keep updating and rank higher, you could contact us today for a better write-ups and increase traffic to your site.

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