Google boosts the ranking factor on the basis of mobile friendly website

Google boosts the ranking factor on the basis of mobile friendly website

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The revolutionized generations of using the smart phones have proved that more than 50% of users now use mobile phones to search what is happening and so Google has announced that its mobile friendly algorithm.


It will be launched on 21 April, 2015 and it would get a ranking signal boost this May. It is said that the company would start rolling updates to mobile search results. This may affect the ranking signal and help the users to find more relevant and mobile – friendly pages. Non – mobile friendly pages would rank well if the query deserves it.

This has a technical term AMP- Accelerated Mobile Pages. Since most of the users started reading articles / blogs through mobile the mobile optimized content has became a crucial part. It will help to load the article instantly almost 4 times faster than now. It is going to affect the SEO also and user engagement.

If you already have a mobile- friendly site, you may not be impacted by the update. Will you benefit more from the update if the signal is boosted or will it have a negative impact on pages and is not mobile friendly?  The intention of the search query has a very strong signal so even if a high quality page is not mobile – friendly, it would rank well if has relevant content.

Gary Illyes asked if there was anything catastrophic on Google +’s mobile friendly update? If not, then he would prefer ditching the same. There is nothing to panic about and all you need to do is just go mobile – friendly if you are not. Google would increase mobile friendly rank in the upcoming months; it stresses high quality content and is not mobile friendly.

Google will increase the effect of ranking signal for mobile friendly ranking and help users to find more relevant and mobile friendly pages. The intention of search query is very strong and pages with high quality content, even if it is not mobile – friendly would rank well. Sites that are already mobile friendly do not need to worry about anything.

Did you have a mobile friendly site? If not you have to also participate in the race else your existing rank may fall in the coming month. You can also outsource it to the best SEO company in Delhi and get a mobile optimized site!!

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